We know how wood can be very advantageous when it comes to construction. They are plant-based and natural, and these make them sustainable for the environment. However, there are many cons to wood. Since they are plant-based, they can be very susceptible to natural elements like temperature, moisture, insects, and others. Unlike the concrete Ipswich which is typically strong, durable, and long-lasting, woods can be very weak.  

The following are the disadvantages of Wood in Construction: 

  • There are pests that destroy woods – one of the cons of using wood in construction is that there are many pests that are attracted to and this alone can destroy the wood. Pests such as bees, termite, fungi, and beetles are the common culprit of damaged wood. When it comes to removing and getting rid of them, it can be a little bit expensive.  
  • They can be less durable compared to other materials – other materials like concrete and bricks are less susceptible to insets and more resistant to heat, moisture, and other damaging elements. Woods, on the other hand, may need to have some treatments for to be able to be more durable than what they are. This can make them withstand multiple impacts, changing temperatures, and other elements.  
  • It is very susceptible to warping – there are several triggering factors that can make the woods warp, and these include environmental humidity, age, and temperature. They can be warped by twisting, swelling, or shrinking. When the wood is not met with environmental conditions, it breaks and gets damaged.  
  • It can be burned – concrete and bricks are very resistant to fire, and this makes these construction materials safe from fire hazards and accidents. On the other hand, woods are typically flammable. When you use it for doorways, window frames, and walls, your building or house will be very weak against fire and flames. There are woods that are not easily burned such as had wood as their fibers are very compact, which also makes them very durable and strong.  
  • They are very weak against moisture – softwoods and even hardwoods are always susceptible to moisture. In fact, when they are consistently exposed to water, there is no doubt that they will get damaged over time. This is because woods are plant-based and organic, and this means they can rot easily. They are also commonly infected by molds, fungi, and other microorganisms because they are organic.  

Although there are many ways to make your wood become a little bit stronger and more durable, there are also other ways you can do to make your construction and house more durable too such as treatment, finding the best quality of wood, or finding substitutes like concrete, bricks, and other materials.  

Although what we mentioned were all about the negative sides of woods, there are also advantages that woods provide. They are very environmentally sustainable and can even be a cheaper material for construction. Others have also claimed that words are more relaxing and convenient compared to other materials.