8th - 11th April     10am - 5pm


Did you know our training centre is a well known casting suite for theatre and film productions and used by many companies to find actors/performers each week

Did you know that a number of our comedy students with no previous acting skills have been cast in professional theatre, film and TV productions as they have been spotted by our casting director while in training. 

We have decided to do a special 5 day intense course which not only will give you the skills to do stand up comedy but also act and do well at castings for both theatre and TV.

Course Covers

You receive our full two day stand up course which follows our weekend 2 day structure and perform  to the public at the end of the course on a special showcase on Weds 16th April

The other three days will be:

* You will given two Shakespeare speeches working with our theatre director and casting director for 'Shakespeare in the Park' (one comical and one serious) to get you to performance and drama school audition standard.

*You will learn one modern speech and perform various scenes both scripted and improvised from plays.

*You will perform a scene from a well known Chekhov play and scenes from a 'Brechtian' style play

*  You will learn to act and sight read to the camera

*You will be given an emotional recall to perform and work on voice and accents.

*  You will learn public speaking skills and give a presentation

* You will look at skills needed for panto, late 19th century plays and easy ways to learn lines and team acting exercises.

* You will learn basic stage script writing and write your own short play

This course is aimed at the beginner  to comedy and acting although useful for actors wishing to get into comedy and also a chance to be seen for castings

Price for course is £295  (Deposit £100)

To book call 0208 694 1888

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