THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE train over 300 comics a year and use headline comics who play venues such as 'Jongleurs' as tutors.  5* rated for the past three years by

All courses are aimed at the beginner and range from 3 hour taster sessions to 6 week Monday evening courses with a showcase at the end.

Recent students have won numerous competitions including LOADED magazine  comic of the year.   Great thing to try for fun, for a hobby or as many of our students found a new source of income and career.

We are happy that THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE have been based in our venue for it's third year now.

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Fri 12th &  to Sat 13th Feb  8pm (Sat two shows afternoon and evening)


Kate, Beck and Tilly are three young women in their twenties, planning a quiet night together in their flat. However when Kate’s brother turns up and invites an unwelcome house guest they really get the party going and things rapidly spiral out of control. As the second act opens events take a turn for theworse and soon the dynamic shifts, revealing far more about each character than they intended. Instinct Theatre's new writing performance Stench is an original dark comedy that explores the complexity of friend and family relationships and what may lurk beneath the most charming of smiles. Over 18 only

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 O' Grady Productions present

Tues 16th to Fri 19th Feb  8pm £12.80 (members £5 Tuesday)

NO EXIT by Sartre

Three damned souls, Garcin, Inez, and Estelle are brought to the same room in hell by a mysterious Valet. They had all expected medieval torture devices to punish them for eternity, but instead find a plain room furnished in Second Empire style. None of them will admit the reason for their damnation. Over 18 only



Sat 20th Feb to Sun 28th Feb    (No show Monday)   8pm  (Sun 5pm)

PYGMALION by George Bernard Shaw

A play by George Bernard Shaw, named after a Greek mythological character. It was first presented on stage to the public in 1913.

Professor of phonetics Henry Higgins makes a bet that he can train a bedraggled Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, to pass for a duchess at an ambassador's garden party by teaching her to assume a veneer of gentility, the most important element of which, he believes, is impeccable speech. The play is a sharp lampoon of the rigid British class system of the day and a commentary on women's independence.

In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with one of his sculptures, which then came to life. The general idea of that myth was a popular subject for Victorian era English playwrights, including one of Shaw's influences, W. S. Gilbert, who wrote a successful play based on the story called Pygmalion and Galatea first presented in 1871. Shaw would also have been familiar with the burlesque version, Galatea, or Pygmalion Reversed. Shaw's play has been adapted numerous times, most notably as the musical My Fair Lady and the film of that name. Over 18 only

Tickets £15   (Members £5  Tues performance)    Box Office 0208 694 1888

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Tues 1st March  from 7pm  FREE ENTRY



Fri 5th - Sat  6th March  7pm - 10pm Fri  & 10am to 4pm Sat


Did you know our training centre is a well known casting suite for theatre and film productions and used by many companies to find actors/performers each week

Did you know that a number of our  students with no previous acting skills have been cast in professional theatre, film and TV productions as they have been spotted by our casting director while in training. 

We have decided to do a special 2 day intense course which not only will give you the skills to  act and do well at castings for both theatre and TV.

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Sat 19th & Sunday 20th March  7.30pm  £10 (members £5)

KAPUSNIC performed in Russian

Directed by Larissa Turkina


'KAPUSNIC' or cabbage is a traditional Russian event where villagers used to go around, perform comedy sketches and comedy songs and eat cabbage. Russian stand up comedy forms the modern version of this without the cabbage eating. 

Back by popular demand with a whole new show of comedy and song and performed in Russian by a mixture of Russian comedy actors and staff members from the Russian National Tourist Office. 

Mad, funny and very silly (helps if you speak Russian).  Book fast as these events sell out fast.

Tickets £10   box office 0208 694 1888 


Thurs 31st March to Sun 3rd April  £12.50  8pm  (members £5 Thurs)

Based on the classic novel of the same title by Vladimir Nabokov, which revolves around a middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with a teenage girl. This production follows the 1960's version by Stanley Kubrick where the lesser character of Quilty becomes the main oppressor.  Over 18 only

Box office 0208 694 1888


Tues 5th April to Sun 10th April  8pm  (Sun 5pm)  £13.20


Award winning play by Dermot Canavan about the lives of two sisters in a northern town, contrasting the hilarious events in their youth with the challenges of later life. An uplifting and inspiring story told against a backdrop of the music and dance of the 60's. Starring Emily Morgan (Desdemona (National Theatre), three series of 'Brass' as Timothy West's daughter, 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' as Vomiting Veronica) and Sandy Truman (recent theatre includes: 'Gabriel'; 'Playhouse Creatures' and 'In the Pink'). Over 18 only

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Sat 16th  & Sun 17th April   8pm Sat & 5pm Sun   £8.80


Rodney Hardcross was one of the most successful businessmen of his time - but a cold and distant father. His children, uptight Philip, rebellious artist Martin and dutiful Joyce feared him. When his death is announced, his children reluctantly gather at the family house to prepare for the funeral - and to receive their inheritance. However, before his testament can be revealed, Rodney has one final request that makes everyone ill at ease. In this tense atmosphere, buried conflicts and frustrations come to the fore, shameful secrets are revealed, and masks crumble.

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Weds 27th to Sat 30th April 8pm   £11/£8.80 (members Weds £5)

in assoication with Goldsmiths University


When it comes to playground politics, it’s hard to tell the grown-ups from the children. Four very different mothers are forced to deal with each another after an incident at the village school. Meanwhile, building site blunders threaten the rural idyll. Class, parenting styles, and Duplo collide in this slightly surreal look at the systems that keep us in our place, by playwright Karen Morash. Jack Paterson directs. There will be a post-show Q&A on Friday, 29 April, for students and writers interested in producing their own work. Produced with the generous support of Goldsmiths Annual Fund and the Goldsmiths Department of Theatre and Performance.  OVER 18 only

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Tues 3rd & Weds 4th May          8pm  £15

DIVINE IMAGE : dialogues about Theatre and Love between Luigi P. and Marta A


Thurs 5th to Sunday 8th May  8pm (Sun 5pm)   £15

Performed in ITALIAN

ID&A Italian Drama & Arts

Divina Immagine:

dialoghi su Teatro e Amore tra Luigi P. e Marta A.


Tues 24th to Sunday 29th May   8pm  (Sun 5pm)

Venturewolf present

CYMBELINE  by William Shakespeare

Imogen, the daughter of the British king Cymbeline, goes against her father's wishes and marries a lowborn gentleman, Posthumus, instead of his oafish stepson, Cloten. Cloten is the son of Cymbeline's new Queen, a villainous woman who has made the king her puppet.


15th- 27th Nov 2016

Over 30 plays, dances pieces, comedy shows, kids shows and films



Tues 29th Nov to Sun 4th Dec

Venturewolf present