Tues 22nd April  7pm - 9.30pm  FREE event


This is a open invite to actors, dancers and industry professionals to net work with casting directors, film makers and producers.   Casting directors for The Cherry Orchard, Taming of The Screw and Bouncers will be there along with a number of invited external producers.  Any producer, director or film maker wanting to attend, all we ask is that you contact us first on 0208 694 1888 so we can verify your address as this helps protect any performers attending who may be giving out personal contact details.   The whole space tonight is for this MEET UP plus also local Meet UP are attending also.

To registar to attend go to www.meetup.com/Actors-Producers-Directors-Agents-Connection/


Weds 23rd April  7pm - 10pm


3 hour taster session taught by headline comics and aimed at the complete beginner

To book and more info visit  www.londoncomedycourse.com



Thurs 24th April   8pm



A character comedy show from the funny muscle of Jo Burke. This the first 'outing' of her Edinburgh show and is therefore 'a work in progress'.  Jo is hoping only relatives and the easily entertained will come. She has her fingers, eyes and teeth all crossed! It will also very nearly be her birthday. So if you are going to throw anything let it be cake. All cake gratefully received unless it has marzipan in it or on it. Marzipan is the work of the devil.
Mary Magdalene
Pie Shop Pat
Professor Shannon Beauman

To reserve a seat go to www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/jo-burke-6020616355?s=21909115


Fri 9th May   9pm  (doors 8pm)  £10.50 including a glass of GLUHWIEN MULLED WINE


Please come dressed as a character from this great film, a nun, a Von Trapp family member,  Make something out of old curtains or a German guard or this is the excuse you needed to don that Lederhosen and slap other men's bottoms while they wear leather for no other reason then you can. Our Sexy Barmaids and in house Mother Superior will be on hand to get the singing going!   Cheer when Maria comes on the screen, boo the Nazi's, reach that top note in 'doe ray me'. 

Box Office  0208 694 1888      BOOK ONLINE HERE

Quantity :

£10.50    (Members £8)

Over 18's only


Tues 13th - Sun 18th May

WOYZECK by Georg Buchner

Woyzeck deals with the dehumanising effects of doctors and the military on a young man's life. It is often seen as 'working class' tragedy, though it can also be viewed as having another dimension, portraying the 'perennial tragedy of human jealousy'

(strobe lighting is used in this production)

Tickets £10.50 & Members £5

Box office 0208 694 1888 or click Here to book online


Tues 20th - Sun 25th May   8pm  (Sun 5pm)

MEDEA by Euripides


An ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides, based on the myth of Jason and Medea. The plot centers on the barbarian protagonist as she finds her position in her world threatened, and the revenge she takes against her husband Jason who has betrayed her for another woman. Directed by Mara Pelto

Tickets £12.50 (£5 Members)  Book HERE or call 0208 694 1888


Tues 3rd June to Sun 15th June 8pm (Sunday 5pm)

Extra matinee performance Sat 7th at 2pm


Our theatre has bulit a reputation of performing Russian classics, performed in Russian and English. This production will be performed in English and from the angle of the real reason Loparkin needed the land and matches how Chekhov lived his life the time.

Tickets   £13 /£15    (members £5 Tues to Thurs)   Box office 0208 694 1888

Book online HERE


Thurs 19th June to Sat 21st June (performed in Polish) 

Tues 24th to 29th June (performed in English)

JOY DIVISION -Nazi Sex Slaves Story

Warning: Contains text of a sensitive nature .  
In the 70s and early 80s, the well-known Manchester band, Joy Division, took their name from events had nothing to do with joy. The name comes from forced labour camps in Nazi Germany. In these camps, thousands of young women, Polish Catholic mostly were used as sex slaves for German officers before they went to fight on the Russian front. They were also used by German guards in a odd logic that by providing a pretty women, it would stop the male camp gaurds having any sexual urges towards the male Jewish and homosexual inmates. Many of these girls shared the same hatred of the Jews as the Nazi's, as they saw them as just having to wait on tables or just clean, not knowing what was really happening in other camps.

These young girls, known as ‘Feld Hure’ (Field Whores), underwent daily ‘enjoyment duty’ where three bad reports were met with brutal levels of punishment. The question is, in such dire circumstances, do humans take solace in the companionship of others suffering the same fate? Or does an individual’s supposed submission give them greater dominance and a longer shelf life? We then see the same girls in a brothel today

Tickets   £12.50  (Members £5)  (over 18 only) 

Box office 0208 694 1888  or click here to book on line


Sat 12th July  10am - 5pm


Please note the main exhibition and ticket entry point will be across the road from our theatre at New Cross Chapel (venue 1) from 10am to 5pm , The Theatre will be venue 2 and hosting the demonstrations and talks from noon and also the CAMRA 12 bottled ales festival.  tickets can only be bought from venue 1 on the day or from our box office of online anythime before the 12th July.

This impressive model railway show is held over two venues in New Cross with ourselves and also the New Cross Chapel which is 100 yards from our theatre. 

Main entrance is Venue 1 at New Cross Chapel at 466 New Cross Road.

VISIT www.modelrailwayexhibition.com

14 working scenic layouts from N to G gauge from steam era to modern

Trade stands to cater for your model railway needs

Train jumble for some great secondhand model railway items

The UK's leading female Morris Dancers

Choice of 12 CAMRA approved bottled ALES in one of the venue's bar from noon to 6pm at The London Theatre bar (venue 2)


Adults £5 online or £6 on door

Model railway club members  £4 if booked online

OAP / CHILD   £3 online or £4 on the door (Child 3 to 18 years)

FAMILY TICKET  2 Adults and up to 2children  £12 (online only)

Please note under 2's are free however buggys and pushchairs are not permitted in the exhibition hall and due to limited wheelchair access, wheelchair users are admitted FREE



Preview for its Edinburgh run

25th & 26th July   8pm   £12 (over 18 only)

THEATRE OF HORROR  Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol

See three short plays which demonstrate this genre as expert make up and special effects theatre practioneers work with skilled actors to scare you.  Warning! The effects are very realistic and there will lots of blood, knife work  and a human castration.  Scary at the movies, horrific done on stage a few feet from where you are sitting.

To book contact the box office on 0208 694 1888 or book HERE


5th to 8th Aug 10am - 5pm


Did you know our training centre is a well known casting suite for theatre and film productions and used by many companies to find actors/performers each week

Did you know that a number of our comedy students with no previous acting skills have been cast in professional theatre, film and TV productions as they have been spotted by our casting director while in training. 

We have decided to do a special 4 day intense course which not only will give you the skills to do stand up comedy but also act and do well at castings for both theatre and TV.

Course Covers

You receive our full two day stand up course which follows our weekend 2 day structure and perform  to the public at the end of the course on a special showcase on Tues 15th April

The other three days will be:

* You will given two shakespeare speeches working with our theatre director and casting director for 'Shakespeare in the Park' (one comical and one serious) to get you to performance and drama school audition standard.

*You will learn one modern speech and perform various scenes both scripted and improvised from plays.

*You will perform a scene from a well known Chekhov play and scenes from a 'Brechtian' style play

*  You will learn to act and sight read to the camera

*You will be given an emotional recall to perform and work on voice and accents.

*  You will learn public speaking skills and give a presentation

* You will look at skills needed for panto, late 19th century plays and easy ways to learn lines and team acting exercises.

* You will learn basic stage script writing and write your own short play

This course is aimed at the beginner  to comedy and acting although useful for actors wishing to get into comedy and also a chance to be seen for castings

Price for course is £295  (Deposit £100)

To book call 0208 694 1888


Tues 2nd to Sunday 7th Sept      £12.50    8pm   (Sun 5pm)

KABALE UND LIEBE by Friedrich Schiller

Performed in German

Ein deutschlandweit bekanntes Stueck performt in seiner originalen Sprache, inszeniert von Annalisa Stephan.

Karten    0208 694 1888 

Online Tickets  HIER


Tues 9th Sept to Sun 14th Sept    £12.50  8pm (Sun 5pm)

John Godber

 NEW 2014 version just penned by Godber!

It is Saturday night and the drinks are flowing.  Bouncers is the  most performed play in the UK at present and we bring you this professional production using pro stand up comics and updated by Godber of the comical lives of Bouncers and the customers they deal with. 

Modern 'Brecht' at its best!

If you love theatre, seeing  a professional production of 'BOUNCERS' is a rite of passage

Tickets £12.50      (members £5) Box office 0208 694 1888


Tues 14th Oct to Sun 19th Oct    8pm (Sun 5pm)  £12.50


Xwire Entertainment present the story of how Petruchio, the money-grubbing wife hunter, transforms the aggressive and bad-tempered Katherine Minola into an obedient, honey-tongued trophy wife. Written by William Shakespeare between 1590 and 1594, it's one of Shakespeare's earliest Comedies

Box office 0208 694 1888


Tues 21st Oct to Sun 26th Nov  8pm (Sun 5pm)

HURRICANE HILL by Chris Leicester


Hurricane Hill and the worst storm in years.......
 At the isolated house of a famous recluse a stranger arrives and a past will finally be faced. Which life is more valuable; that of a child or a brother-in-arms?

Given the regiment he was in, what Paul Glover had to do that night in Afghanistan might just have passed for the ordinary, but lurking in the shadows, life had dealt its hand and now the weight of his actions would materialise - with utterly destructive consequences.

£12  (members £5) to book call our box office on 0208 694 1888


Tues 4th Nov to Sun 16th Nov


Two weeks of new plays lasting no more then one hour and new shows each night