THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE train over 300 comics a year and use headline comics who play venues such as 'Jongleurs' as tutors.  5* rated for the past three years by

All courses are aimed at the beginner and range from 3 hour taster sessions to 6 week Monday evening courses with a showcase at the end.

Recent students have won numerous competitions including LOADED magazine  comic of the year.   Great thing to try for fun, for a hobby or as many of our students found a new source of income and career.

We are happy that THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE have been based in our venue for it's third year now.

See   for full info    PRICES FROM £45


Tues 29th July   8pm (doors 7pm)     £10


Join a host of pro comics and brand new comics in our monthly London Comedy Course Showcase with MC Dave Ward and headliner Harry Denford

To Book call 0208 694 1888

or book online below

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Wednesday 30th July  7pm - 9.30pm


Networking event for actors, casting directors, producers, film makers, writers, dancers and directors.

These regular networking evenings are the perfect chance for directors and producers to meet each other.  Also great for filmmakers to come along and meet actors.   For the theatre, we hope to find 3 male actors for our production of 'Bouncers' and 2 females and one male for 'Club Class' the aviation comedy.  Also maybe you want to get into acting and want to start with a small role in a film or play, maybe someone will offer you something.

 No need to book - just turn up and we will be in the bar area.


Tues 5th to Sun 10th Aug  7.30pm  (Sun 5pm)


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12th to 15th Aug 10am - 5pm


Did you know our training centre is a well known casting suite for theatre and film productions and used by many companies to find actors/performers each week

Did you know that a number of our comedy students with no previous acting skills have been cast in professional theatre, film and TV productions as they have been spotted by our casting director while in training. 

We have decided to do a special 4 day intense course which not only will give you the skills to do stand up comedy but also act and do well at castings for both theatre and TV.

Course Covers

You receive our full two day stand up course which follows our weekend 2 day structure and perform  to the public at the end of the course on a special showcase on Tues 15th April

The other three days will be:

* You will given two shakespeare speeches working with our theatre director and casting director for 'Shakespeare in the Park' (one comical and one serious) to get you to performance and drama school audition standard.

*You will learn one modern speech and perform various scenes both scripted and improvised from plays.

*You will perform a scene from a well known Chekhov play and scenes from a 'Brechtian' style play

*  You will learn to act and sight read to the camera

*You will be given an emotional recall to perform and work on voice and accents.

*  You will learn public speaking skills and give a presentation

* You will look at skills needed for panto, late 19th century plays and easy ways to learn lines and team acting exercises.

* You will learn basic stage script writing and write your own short play

This course is aimed at the beginner  to comedy and acting although useful for actors wishing to get into comedy and also a chance to be seen for castings

Price for course is £295  (Deposit £100)

To book call 0208 694 1888

or book online HERE

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Tues 2nd to Sunday 7th Sept      £12.50    8pm   (Sun 5pm)


Performed in German

Zwei Frauen, die reiche Estelle und die Postangestellte Inès, und der Journalist Garcin finden sich nach ihrem Tod in einem geschlossenen Raum, der Hölle, wieder. Alle drei sind sich bewusst, dass sie sich in der Hölle befinden und machen sich auf das Schlimmste gefasst. Aber die erwartete Folter und die körperlichen Qualen stellen sich nicht ein. Tastend versuchen sie voneinander den Grund für die Höllenfahrt zu erfahren, ohne jedoch ihre eigene Schuld zu offenbaren. Sehr bald entdecken sie, dass sie zu ihren eigenen Folterknechten bestimmt sind, denn „Die Hölle, das sind die anderen!“

Karten    0208 694 1888 

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Tues 9th Sept to Sun 14th Sept    £12.50  8pm (Sun 5pm)

John Godber's

 NEW 2014 version just penned by Godber!

It is Saturday night and the drinks are flowing.  Bouncers is the  most performed play in the UK at present and we bring you this professional production using pro stand up comics and updated by Godber of the comical lives of Bouncers and the customers they deal with. 

Modern 'Brecht' at its best!

If you love theatre, seeing  a professional production of 'BOUNCERS' is a rite of passage


Tickets £12.50      (members £5) Box office 0208 694 1888



OPEN BOOK present

Tues 16th Sept to Sat 20th Sept   8pm


Once again we are proud to bring this great company in association with Goldsmith University to perform a production devised by the drama team.

Chantelle is on the horns of a dilemma. Her wayward son who is on remand for causing the death of an infant needs an organ donor and his mother is his only realistic hope. The risks are high and there are people queuing up on both sides to offer their opinion. When her story is leaked to the press the moral debate goes national.

Tickets £7 - £10


Venturewolf present

Tues 30th Sept to Sun 5th Oct    8pm (Sun 5pm)  £12.00

EDWARD II by Christopher Marlowe

Hot on the heels of his coronation, Edward II recalls his lover Gaveston from exile, lavishing him with titles and riches. Their all-consuming lust makes enemies of the furious barons and bishops, alienates the King’s once-devoted Queen and tears England to pieces. Ultimately, the monarch himself is destroyed as are many of those who stood both at his side and in his way.

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Tues 14th Oct to Sun 19th Oct    8pm (Sun 5pm)  £12.50


Xwire Entertainment present the story of how Petruchio, the money-grubbing wife hunter, transforms the aggressive and bad-tempered Katherine Minola into an obedient, honey-tongued trophy wife. Written by William Shakespeare between 1590 and 1594, it's one of Shakespeare's earliest Comedies

Box office 0208 694 1888 Please note over 18's only



Tues 21st Oct to Sun 26th Oct  8pm (Sun 5pm)

HURRICANE HILL by Chris Leicester


Hurricane Hill and the worst storm in years.......
 At the isolated house of a famous recluse a stranger arrives and a past will finally be faced. Which life is more valuable; that of a child or a brother-in-arms?

Given the regiment he was in, what Paul Glover had to do that night in Afghanistan might just have passed for the ordinary, but lurking in the shadows, life had dealt its hand and now the weight of his actions would materialise - with utterly destructive consequences.

£12  (members £5) to book call our box office on 0208 694 1888



Tues 4th Nov to Sun 16th Nov


Two weeks of new plays lasting no more then one hour and new shows each night



Thurs 6th Nov   9pm  £10 /£7 concs


The songs and emotions of Paris and Piaf

Tickets via external agent


13th - 15th Nov  7pm £14

4:48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane

Following last year's sell out, it's back! Tickets £14

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Thurs 27th to Sat 29th Nov 8pm

CLUB CLASS  The aviation Comedy

Join a cast of 5 dressed as cabin crew yet playing everyone form pilots to passengers, baggage handlers to bits of the Airbus A320 on this charter flight of hell to the Algarve. Written by a headline comic and former airline pilot, this show has now been seen at over 180 theatres around the UK in the last 9 years and was voted in the top 10 new plays by 'The Times' in 2005.  Performed in the Brechtian style, feel free to come in fancy dress as pilots, sexy cabin crew or holiday makers. Prizes for best effort.   This will be the third time this show has come to our theatre and it sells out every time so book early.

It is set to the music of STEPS or Thin Lizzy depending on what crew is roistered that day.

Over 18's only.   Runs 2 hours 2ith interval.

Tickets £10  (Members £5 Thurs performance only)

box office 0208 694 1888


Tues 2nd December - Sun 7th December   8pm (5pm Sunday) 

A Chunk of Chekhov

The Bear and The Proposal

'Not for love...' says one and ...'not for money' says the other. Yet here we are with two plays and two men who find themselves presented with a situation they never foresaw. A feast of farce and a chunk of Chekhov brought to The London Theatre for one week only.  Directed by Grace Smith 

Tickets £12 (no concession) booking via external agent only