THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE train over 300 comics a year and use headline comics who play venues such as 'Jongleurs' as tutors.  5* rated for the past three years by

All courses are aimed at the beginner and range from 3 hour taster sessions to 6 week Monday evening courses with a showcase at the end.

Recent students have won numerous competitions including LOADED magazine  comic of the year.   Great thing to try for fun, for a hobby or as many of our students found a new source of income and career.

We are happy that THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE have been based in our venue for it's third year now.

See   for full info    PRICES FROM £45


Fri 9th Jan  8pm  £4.95 in advance and £10 on the door

Lunagoth presents

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Tues 13th  Jan to Sunday 25th Jan   8pm  (5pm Sunday) No show Monday

Pandemonium Performance present

LULU by Frank Wedekind

Frank Wedekind's play of sex, deception and murder is brought to life in this thrilling and darkly humorous new adaption. The play tells the story of Lulu, a woman possessed of a fatal combination of overpowering sexuality and innocence. As she embarks on a series of affairs and marriages, she destroys the men that have become obsessed with her, until finally she too meets her downfall. Fresh from their sell out production of Shakespeare's Macbeth in Abney Park Cemetery, Pandemonium Performance premiere their production of Frank Wedekind's provocative masterpiece at The London Theatre for 2 weeks only!! Directed by Steve Fitzgerald. Warning: Contains sexual content and violence.

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Tickets £13.20 inc booking fee 

Over 18 Only


Tues 27th to Fri 30th Jan      8pm   £13   (members £5)


Garcin, Estelle and Inez never met in their entire life. Now that they're dead, they find each other in a pale room without any windows, mirrors or any other kind of distractions. They are in hell waiting for torture. But it seems as if there aren't any physical agonies. Instead they must face their own and each other's lives. No Exit offers a distillation of Sartre's existentialism in Inez's famous line: "You are - your life," she says, "and nothing else." The play ends with the characters' realisation - or, rather, confession - that they are indeed dead and trapped: "Dead! Dead! Dead!" Inez laughs. "So here we are, forever." Prior to this climatic moment, Sartre fashions a distinctive world view in which the actors along with the audience need to realise "Hell is - other people".

Box office 0208 694 1888 or book online

Over 18 only


Fri 6th and Sat 7th Feb    8pm  £10

Big Red Box Theatre as part of LGBT HISTORY MONTH present


In October 1998 Matthew Shepard, a gay college student was kidnapped, severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming. Five weeks later, Moisés Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie, and over the course of the next year, conducted more than 200 interviews with people of the town. From these interviews they wrote the play The Laramie Project, a chronicle of the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder. THE LARAMIE PROJECT is one of the most performed plays in America today.

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Tues 10th Feb    8pm    Tickets £10 (members £5)


Join host Lenny Sherman (Loaded comic of the year) with 8 comics for a night of pure comedy

Box office 0208 694 1888


Weds 11th Feb     7.30pm  (doors 7pm)     £3.50   (members £2)

Classic Film Club (in Italian with subtitles)

Over 18 only (runs 3 hrs with interval)

To book call 0208 694 1888


Tues 17th to Sun 22nd Feb   8pm (5pm Sunday) 

A Chunk of Chekhov

The Bear and The Proposal

'Not for love...' says one and ...'not for money' says the other. Yet here we are with two plays and two men who find themselves presented with a situation they never foresaw. A feast of farce and a chunk of Chekhov brought to The London Theatre for one week only.  Directed by Grace Smith 

Tickets £12 (no concession)

Over 18 only

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Saturday 28th Feb & Sun 1st March  8pm     £10

The Russian National Tourist Office brings you

KAPUSTNIK/ Капустник (performed in Russian)

A Russian tradition where groups of friends get together and perform comedic sketches and songs based on satire and enjoy cabbage.

These events were arranged in small Russian provincial towns . Ivan Sakharov wrote about cabbage (" cabbage "): " This is a national celebration, girls in rich attire go with the songs from house to house to chop cabbage and entertain the householders.

Today in Russia, this is the basis of their style of stand up comedy and watched by millions on TV, as Russian sketch comedy is big all over. 

We are delighted to have it performed by staff from The Russian National Tourist Board based in London (so expect proper KAPUSTNIK as we assume they must know all about it)  Performed in Russian and a must for all expats, and those who want to sample real Russian culture.  

Box office 0208 694 1888


Wed 11th  March to Weds 18th March   8pm  (5pm Sunday) No show Monday


Two plays connected by one character focusing on the lesser known true stories of Nazi Germany. In the first we meet see the relationship between well known Jewish song writer Frank Hollander and 'Putzi' Ernst Hanfstaengal, an American who helped finance Hitler's Nazi party. The first set in the cabaret club owned by Hollander takes you through the doors and to experience the music and the dancing girls of 1930's Germany including the songs of Hollander. We also learn about the lives of those dancing girls focusing on a young Polish girl, in Germany to make some money and her capture and use as a polish sex slave in the second of the two plays 'Joy Division' which was written in 2004 and has been seen at a number of UK theatres including in 2014, was selected for the RADA play festival. Set in a camp connected to one of the larger worker camps, we see the lives of Nazi sex slaves and see how some shared the same disgusting views on the Jews as their Nazi masters held.

Warning contains female nudity

5* remote goat

Tickets £15    (Members £5  Weds & Thurs Performances)

Over 18 only box office  0208 694 1888


Tuesday 24th - Sunday 29th March  8pm (5pm Sun)

Venturewolf present

The School for Scandal

Sheridan's The School for Scandal is a comedy of manners, a play satirizing the behaviour and customs of upper classes through witty dialogue and an intricate plot with comic situations that expose characters' shortcomings. Characters generally consist of stock types—such as the bore, the flirt, the gossip, the wastrel, the rich uncle, etc.—rather than individuals with unique qualities. Comedies of manners in Sheridan's time typically avoided the romantic sentimentality that characterized many other stage dramas of the eighteenth century. In The School for Scandal, the author mainly satirizes malicious gossip and hypocrisy in the fashionable society of London in the 1770s. The play was first performed in London on May 8, 1777, in Drury Lane Theatre.

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Sat 18th July to Sunday 2nd Aug

Over 30 plays, some well known pieces, some new writing, some one person plays, some with a massive cast but all performed in 1 hour or less  by numerous theatre companies and all tickets are £8 (members £5).

If you would like to see your play performed during these two weeks, we are offering slots at either £40 or £50 to theatre companies.   Email for more info or call 0208 694 1888


Tues 29th Sept to Sun 4th Oct 2015


A Woman of No Importance is about how human beings often have differences between one another, that humans are ultimately more alike than different. This publication is highly recommended for those that are fans of the writings of Oscar Wilde and also those who are discovering his works for the first time.


 Tues 10th Nov to Sun 22th Nov 


Two weeks of new plays, dance, stand up comedy & live music and new shows each night