THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE train over 300 comics a year and use headline comics who play venues such as 'Jongleurs' as tutors.  5* rated for the past three years by

All courses are aimed at the beginner and range from 3 hour taster sessions to 6 week Monday evening courses with a showcase at the end.

Recent students have won numerous competitions including LOADED magazine  comic of the year.   Great thing to try for fun, for a hobby or as many of our students found a new source of income and career.

We are happy that THE LONDON COMEDY COURSE have been based in our venue for it's 5th  year now.

See   for full info    PRICES FROM £45


Sat 25th Feb 10 to 1pm   £45  (£25 members)

LEARN STAND UP COMEDY - 3 hour taster session

Perfect gift for the funny person in your life.  Course is aimed at the novice and taught by headline comics

Over 18 only  see


Sat 4th & Sun 5th March  10am to 4pm Sat & 10am to 2pm Sun 


Did you know our training centre is a well known casting suite for theatre and film productions and used by many companies to find actors/performers each week

Did you know that a number of our  students with no previous acting skills have been cast in professional theatre, film and TV productions as they have been spotted by our casting director while in training. 

We have decided to do a special 2 day intense course which will give you the skills to  act and do well at castings for both theatre and TV.

Past students last year have had professional lead roles in Miss Julie, Lolita and a Kids show at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks.  

Price £95   (members £80)    Book Here

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Tues 28th Feb to Sun 5th March  8pm (5pm Sunday)   £13.00

BRAM STOKER      adapted for stage by Harry Denford


Jonathan Harker goes to Eastern Europe  to help Count Dracula buy an estate in England. While he is at the castle a lot of strange things happen and also back in Whitby

Book office 0208 694 1888 on book on line HERE  Over 18 only




Tues 7th to Sun 12th March   8pm  (Sunday 5pm & 7pm)


All performed in RUSSIAN

Тwo plays in the program: "Empress" and “Shaman” and  performing of reading of a play "The Russian Wife of an English Gentleman ".

All the shows are in Russian language with English written translations 

"EMPRESS - author Luba Balagova. Historical drama about Maria Temrukovna, the second wife of Ivan the Terrible.

"SHAMAN"- author Anton Litvinenko. A tale of destiny and reverses of fortune.

"The Russian Wife of an English Gentleman"- author Lidia Grigorieva. A poetic drama about love,fate, and the tangle of human' relations.

Tickets from external agent

7 марта (вторник) " Шаман", начало в 20.00 ( £15)

8 марта (среда) читка" Русская жена английского джентельмена" , начало в 20.00(£10)

9 марта (четверг) "Шаман", начало в 20.00 (£15)

10 марта (пятница) " Царица", начало в в 20.00(£15)

11 марта (суббота) " Царица", начало в 20.00 (£15)

12 марта (воскресенье) "Шаман" начало в 17.00( £15)

и в 19.00 (£15)


Thurs 16th March 7.30pm (doors 7pm)   £5.50


Helen Thorn (one half of the UK's comedy duo The Scummy Mummies) is approaching 40 – she’s overweight, has a hairy body and really enjoys eating gluten. But she couldn’t be happier, so why is the rest of the world telling her she’s wrong? In this bold and brash show, this big-boned woman tackles the big issues facing the big bad world today. Why are we obsessed with waxing our front bottoms? Why is everyone wearing sporty leggings in cafes? And why the f*%k are we taking photos of our food? 

Come see Helen's brand new show before she takes it to the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Tickets from external agents 


Sunday 26th March  8pm

Russian Dreams Theatre presents

JOY DIVISION  (performed in Russian)

Directed & translated by Yanna Chauvet

This production has been performed at numerous theatres in English and Polish including the 2013 RADA production.  The harrowing a true story of East European Nazi sex slaves and looks at sex slavery then and today.   

£13.00   Over 18 only  box office 0208 694 1888


Tues 28th March to Sunday 9th April   8pm  (6pm Sunday)    No show Monday 3rd April

Hugh Leadon Productions


A middle Eastern Princess of British origin avoids being stoned to death for adultery and is sent into exile back to The United Kingdom. However, dark forces are unleashed and The Princess, along with a female companion, meets an untimely death in The Swiss Alps. The question is, did she jump or was she pushed? Death by Decree, based on both historic events and events pertaining to the playwright, explores the conspiracies surrounding politically motivated killings. 


11th to 13th  April   8pm   £10.50 two new plays by Andy Rothry (Double Bill)

The Pick-Up

A hedge fund manager is taking some clients to Glastonbury in style and to ensure they have a high time he  ventures into an unfamiliar world.  A tale of when middle and working classes collide.

Nikola and the Wishing Stone

A peasant village in 1870s Croatia is suffering from a food shortage under the yoke of a rapacious Count.  The emotions that ensue resonate in a divided 21st Century Britain.


Tues 18th to Sun 23rd April    8pm  (Sun 5pm)    £11.00


Written and Directed by Chukwudi Onwere

Set in New Cross, Hit Chicks is a gritty action-packed thriller on love, sibling rivalry, power and betrayal in a London criminal underworld.

Note : strobe lighting used

Bookings via external agent  


Thurs 8th to Sat 10th June    £10.50   8pm



Our theatre does 5 productions a year in other languages including this year, classical pieces in Russian, French, Spanish and now Cockney. On my life I promise this show is well good and you wont get mugged off and the salt playing one of the birds in it did all that proper acting with words and was in that KFC advert.  

Box office give us a bell on 0208 694 1888


 Sunday 9th July to Sun 23rd July


This is a great chance to get your play seen.

Hire rates for plays during the festival start from £20! and you keep all the box office proceeds.  40 slots available over the festival and happy to programme new writing, established plays, dance, kids plays, anything as long as it is a play and last no longer then 60 mins.  Book your slot early - call 0208 694 1888 or email us at