Each week the space is used during the day for castings for numerous external theatre plays and films and also in-house productions including our 'Shakespeare in The Park' season. 

All our in house productions and 'Shakepeare in The Park' castings are published on 'Casting Call Pro'   

We also re-use actors we have worked with in the past and often certain roles are not advertised as we already have a actor from a previous production.    We also take details of performers who are doing productions at our theatre from other visiting theatre companies whom we feel would be of interest to casting companies.  

This season we have the following in-house and external visiting companies productions which will be advertised on Casting Call Pro and on this site

BACKSEAT DRIVERS   show 14th - 18th April   

Audition date Weds 18th March (profit share)

This is a comedy about dogging, written by a well known novelist and BBC drama series writer

male 30 - 50 builder type, male 30 - 50 slim build, Male 20 - 40 black,  2 x female 30 - 50,  2 x female 20 - 28,  1 x male 22 - 30 looks like into dungeons and Dragons

please send piccy to  for above casting


THE BRIDGE show 23rd to 25th April

Audition dates mid March - see our whats on page for details of play (profit share)

Male 30 - 50  nerdy and annoying

female 20 - 25

male  30 -50 Traffic police officer

please send piccy to for The Bridge casting


A DOLLS HOUSE - show 12th to 17th May

 (profit share)

NORA  - female 28 -40

TORVALD male - 30 - 50

Dr Rank - male 30 -50

Mrs Linde  - female 30 -50

Krossted - male 25 - 50

please send piccy to  for above casting


UNCLE VAYNA   9th to 14th June 

(profit Share)

Full cast required

please send piccy to for Uncle Vanya casting


MEDEA  30th June to 5th July  

(profit share)

Full cast needed

please send piccy to for MEDEA casting



6 performances outside in large historic houses in Sevenoaks, Norwich, Dorset, Oxfordshire and Northampton plus 2 performances in private schools.

This company is well known for using professional comedians in the comedic roles along with classically trained actors

Rehearsal period is paid and will last 6 days from 9am - 5pm at a rate of £80 per day (8 Hours per day)

The performances are paid at £110 per day plus travel  for UK shows

Helena  must be 5.8 or taller   20 - 26

Puck   male - must be a trained dancer

Father  Male  50 - 60

Please note all other roles are cast for this production

Please send piccy  and biog to